Some of my most recent writing highlights:, coverage of the 2016 election:

Additional MSNBC highlights: 
How social media is changing the feminist movement. (March 2015)
Meet the two women using rap to fight rape culture in India. (March 2015)
Gloria Feldt wants gender parity in leadership by 2025 (March 2015)
Love is Love: An interview with comedian W. Kamau Bell & Melissa Hudson Bell (February 2015)
Why did Duke cancel its Muslim call to prayer? (January 2015)
'We are Charlie': Hundreds gather in New York's Union Square (January 2015)
What social media says about Election Day 2014 (November 2014)

Other selected writings: 


MSNBC, Answers to the most Googled questions about Hillary Clinton (April 2015)
MSNBC, Hillary Clinton steals show at Cuomo fundraiser (October 2014)
The Daily Muse, 10 Women Who Are Shaping The Future of Politics (January 2013)
Huffington Post, 50 Women Who Made the Election (December 2012)
Jezebel, RAINN Raises Cash, Lobbies For SAFER Act (November 2010)
AlterNet, Twitter Reality: Republicans Are Crushing Democrats When It Comes to Social Media (August 2010)

MSNBC, 11 women's rights activists you should know (April 2015)
MSNBC, How Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes started the first women's college in Rwanda (March 2015)
MSNBC, How Glassbreakers wants to create more women leaders in business (March 2015)
Ms. Magazine, Sheryl Sandberg Leans In With Ms (March 2013) {Exclusive Interview with Sheryl Sandberg}
Ms. Magazine, Is Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ The Next Great Feminist Manifesto? (March 2013)
Huffington Post, On The Sheryl Sandberg Backlash (February 2013)
Mediaite, Lady Journos: New Site Aims To Address Byline Gender Gap (February 2011)

Media & Tech
Poynter Online, Journalists share arguments for, against using same-sex marriage symbols on social media profiles (March 2013)
Poynter Online, How to decide what can be published, what’s private on Facebook and Twitter (March 2012)
Poynter Online, Are long and shortform writing mutually exclusive? (December 2011)
The American Prospect, The Case For Staying With Facebook (May 2010)
Mediaite, What the Sunday Shows Need is a New Media Makeover (January 2010)
Mediaite, Mark Coatney: Newsweek’s Secret Weapon is Tumblr’s Newest Acquisition (July 2010)
Mediaite, Mediaite Year One: Legacy Media Gets Social (Sort Of) (July 2010)
Mediaite, Meet the Press 2.0: New HD Set, and New Accountability Demanded by Web Group (May 2010)
Mediaite, ABC Starts Live-Tweeting This Week; Will Other Networks Follow? (March 2010)
Mediaite, With Every Tweet and Flickr Photo, White House Shows Us Their Human Side (March 2010)

Essays / Opinion
Elle, Why I never tell anyone, especially my co-workers, my age (February 2014)
Medium, Please stop live-tweeting people’s conversations (November 2013)
Huffington Post, Sorry, Lizzie Wurtzel, It’s Not Cool to Not Have a Savings Account (January 2013)

MSNBC, Fans celebrate "Parks and Recreation" as series ends (February 2015)
MSNBC, The 'Selma' backlash. (December 2014)
Huffington Post, ‘Afternoon Delight’ Breaks Taboos & Barriers For Women On Screen (January 2013)
Jezebel, A Reaction To the Backlash Against Mindy Kaling (September 2012)